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POPAI Outstanding Merchandising Awards

March 23 - 25, 2016

OMA Awards Celebration, March 24, 2016

2016 OMA Contact Info

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2015 OMA Winners!

Congratulations to all of this year's winners

POPAI’s Outstanding Merchandising Achievement (OMA) Awards Competition is the premier award show recognizing the most innovative and effective in-store and point of purchase displays. Since 1958, this competition held alongside the industry’s largest tradeshow, GlobalShop, recognizes in-store marketing programs that lift sales, make products memorable, and entice consumers to purchase products.

After a two-round judging process, displays are awarded Gold, Silver, and Bronze OMA Statuettes at the Annual OMA Awards Celebration by a prestigious panel of judges, composed of producers, brand marketers and retailers.

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GlobalShop is the world’s largest annual event for retail design and shopper marketing. It’s the only show in the world where you can find the largest, most comprehensive array of store fixture companies and more in-store solutions than any live event in the nation.
For more information about GlobalShop, please visit globalshop.org.



  • THE DISPLAY OF THE YEAR AWARD (DOY) The most prestigious award of the OMAs and highest recognition in the Marketing at Retail Industry. One DOY Award is awarded in each division (permanent, semi-permanent, and temporary). The award-winning displays are chosen from the winners of the Gold Awards.

    The 2015 Winners:

    DOY Winners

    From left to right: Share a Coke Contour Bottle (Semi-Permanent) by International Paper Retail Display & Packaging, Swash 10 Minute Clothing Care (Permanent) by Arc Worldwide & AMD Industries, and Frito-Lay DUAF Floorstands (Temporary) by Menasha.
  • THE CREATIVE AWARD POPAI’s Creative Award is designed to celebrate the creativity of merchandising design and execution separately from sales results and statistics. The annual winner of the Creative Award wins by engaging the creative community and exhibiting excellence based solely on ideation, imagination, and forward thinking.

    The 2015 Winners:

    Creative Winners

    From left to right: Frito-Lay DUAF Floorstands (Temporary) by Menasha, Hendrick's Hot Air Balloon (Semi-Permanent) by InnerWorkings, and iRobot 4' Interactive Display (Permanent) by Protagon Display.

    Award Guidelines

    Entries competing for the Creative Award will consist of Gold, Silver and Bronze winners from all categories. Non-OMA winners will NOT be considered. Judging will take place on-site after OMA primary results are tallied and calculated.

    OMA winners will be judged against the special criteria established for “Creative Award” and only ONE Creative Award will be awarded in each division.

    Award Criteria

    Winners should exhibit creative excellence in the following areas:

    • Graphic Design: Does the entry have superior communication visually? Does its use of text and images embrace a range of intuitive skills and aesthetics that enhance the product or service it represents?

    • Construction: Does the entry use innovative technology or creative engineering? Does it enhance the overall execution, support the graphic design and elevate the product or service it represents?

    • Innovation: Does the entry introduce new print methods or construction technology never used before in merchandising?

    • Impact: Does the entry have stopping power? Does it effect or influence immediate consumer action?

    • Execution of Idea: Does the entry’s vision carry through the production process? Does all innovation and construction technology translate through to its final production?

    • Brand Relevance: Does the entry support the over-all brand communication? Does it spark connection and awareness to the product or service it represents?

    • Overall Execution and Communication: Does the entry consider all the above listed criteria? Do the criteria points support and enhance each other for complete creative excellence?

  • THE BUDGET AWARD Also known as Best Use of Budget, this award recognizes displays that had the greatest effectiveness while being budget conscious.To be eligible for the Budget Award, entries must be Gold, Silver or Bronze Award winners. In the Temporary Division the entry must cost under $25, Semi-Permanent under $50, and Permanent under $100.

    The 2015 Winners

    Budget Winners

    From left to right: Crunch Chips Display (Temporary) by e3display, Duracell Magnetic Product Strip (Semi-Permanent) by Design Productions, Inc., and Nutella & GO! 4 Sided Spinner (Permanent) by Henschel Steinau Inc.
  • THE CHOICE AWARD Established in 2014, this award is chosen by the GlobalShop attendees. Only one display is named as the Choice Award Winner. All displays on the OMA Floor at GlobalShop are eligible to win. Attendees are asked to vote for their favorite display, the votes are tallied, and the winner is announced at the OMA Celebration.

    The 2015 Winner:
    Choice Award
    Transformers Feature Shop with Archway by Regency Display - Register Print Group.

2015 Recap

2015 GlobalShop & OMA Area Recap
POPAI's activities at the 2015 GlobalShop event were a great success. It's the largest retail expo for manufacturers to showcase their capabilities and for brands and retailers to find their next vendor partners.

Click here to watch the official video recap
2015 POPAI OMA Awards Celebration Photo Gallery
The Annual POPAI OMA Awards Celebration @ Four Seasons Ballroom in Las Vegas, NV

POPAI offices from around the world invited all POPAI OMA Gold Award winners from their local market competitions to enter the POPAI Global Awards. This ceremony was to present the winners with their awards and to get to know our Global Chapters.

Click here for complete photo gallery
2015 GlobalShop Photo Gallery
2015 GlobalShop held at the Mandalay Convention Center in Las Vegas, NV. Photos are around the At Retail Marketplace floor and the OMA section.

The OMA Section including the POPAI Global Village and the 2015 OMA Awards Entries.

Click here for complete photo gallery
2015 POPAI Welcome Reception Photo Gallery
Welcome Reception held at the Havana Room in the Tropicana. Sponsors: SMP In-Store Marketing Solutions, United Displaycraft, and Menasha

Click here for complete photo gallery
POPAI Women's League "Connect for Success" Cocktail Reception Photo Gallery

POPAI Women's League (PWL) supported the not-for-profit organization Dress for Success by purchasing a PWL boutique item at the event. Similar to the POPAI Women's League mission, Dress for Success has a goal of improving the lives of women through professional development.

Click here for complete photo gallery




Be a part of OMAs as a volunteer! Help set up the OMA Area on the Retail at Marketplace floor. There will be incentives such as a complimentary OMA Celebration ticket.
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GlobalShop is all about meeting new people, learning new strategies, and getting inspiration. Make sure to schedule out some time to attend the GlobalShop learning sessions. POPAI is leading two retail tours and presenting three sessions.
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Need more OMA Statuettes for your clients and/or coworkers? Order more at the "Read more" link.
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